february clupdate

The Moon Underground Club has been going for a month now. Here’s a little update on how it’s doing.

banner-blackThe good news is that it has reached 10% capacity. The target is to get 10% a month in order to fill it up by November. The bad news is that I’ve heard a rumour that Dawson Leary is keen to join. Fortunately he doesn’t get much pocket money so for now he’s priced out. Who knows what the pound is going to do against the dollar in the coming months though. It’s troubling times.

To keep track of what’s happening, I’ve created a memberometer. If we can get to 100% in time, Dawson Leary will cry, and that is surely a massive incentive to join.

pertinent newsIn club pertinent news, I have been screen printing. I did a course and now I know how, so I will be printing stuff as much as I can to get good at it. These are ones I did on the course:

screen4And I did some more the other day:

screen1 screen2 screen3Please excuse the photo quality. It was night time. Screen printing is very fun, I’ll do a blog on how it works at some point, and I think it’s a technique that will be a good fit with my drawing style so I’ll definitely be including something screen printed in the club bundle of stuff at the end of the year. Fingers crossed for 20% membership next month. If you’d like to join, either read about it here, or skip that bit and send an “I’d like to join the club” email to: richard@themoonunderground.com

In a nutshell, it’s 25 quid and I send you a bunch of stuff I’ve made near the end of the year.


rewriting the weather part 4

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3


I’ve finally finished rewriting the ladybird book of the weather to make it good rather than bad. As before, click on the pictures below to biggen them.

I’ll make a printed version for my club members later in the year. I don’t think I should print any to sell directly as it’s definitely infringing on their copyright. Not that anybody is going to care. Anyway, to definitely guarantee a copy for yourself you should join The Moon Underground Club.

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in a cell hole right now

Just a quick note to say that at the moment I’m writing a book about cells. Which means reading a whole bunch about loads of stuff that I don’t know anything about. It is complicated but very interesting and weird. I’m keeping it in mind that I should write some blog posts about some of the cool stuff I’m finding that won’t make it into the book. So hopefully they’ll turn up shortly.

Edit 01/12 – I starting writing a couple of these but they weren’t going anywhere. Hopefully I can write one shortly.