internet adventure part four

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Once again it is real hot in my real life and so my thoughts turn to my virtual self, who has finally reached the City of Surprise Arizona, where it is currently cooler than where I really am.

SurpriseAZ weather

That is because it is eight in the morning in Surprise. It is due to get much hotter during today though, which will make it too hot, so it is important to find somewhere to hold up out of the sun as quickly as possible. Whilst I mosey into town, why not acquaint your face with the unique qualities of Surprise Arizona.

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what from earth is space: what is the moving?


pan distance

The little dot to the right of the sun in the picture above is Alpha Centauri, the closest star to the sun. It is a long way away. The middle stars of the big dipper were all made together and are travelling through space in the same direction. They are the closest “cluster” of stars to Earth. Dubhe and Alkaid (at either end of the dipper) are out on their lonesome, which is not true as there is another star (invisible to our eyes) that orbits Dubhe. Mizar and Alcor look to us like they’re close enough to go around each other but they’re not. Mizar is (however, actually) a system of four stars and Alcor, like Dubhe, is a two star system. Space is therefore a giant merciless collection of optical illusions and silly names.

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internet adventure part three

Part 1

Part 2

I’ve had a think about the issues that I was about to think about at the end of part 2 and I’ve come the the conclusion that carrying on is the only way to go. The aim of this adventure is still to find a hair salon that does men’s hair and is open.

It’s real hot right now in my real life and that makes me empathise with my virtual self, who is still sitting on the floor outside a Wickenburg strip mall holding a powerful 71kHz Fisher Gold-Bug 2 metal detector. My virtual self needs to take his mind off the heat and get up and find some gold, just like how my real self is taking his mind off the heat by writing about what my virtual self is doing.

Use gold to pay for a haircut.

wickenburg gold

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the boy who tried to be a snail

I’m waiting for washing to finish so I wrote a bedtime story:

One damp evening a boy watched a snail as it moved towards vegetables in the garden. He was amazed at the determination of the thing; its eyes out on the end of stalks, so excited was the snail. How long do you suppose that snail will take to eat vegetables? The boy supposed that by the time the snail got there and ate and got home again it would be the morning. The snail would then go to sleep and then wake up and do it again. The boy was amazed at the thing. At that it spent everything on doing one thing.

The next morning the boy had already gotten up and dressed for school before he shocked to a halt, remembering that last night he had vowed that today he would be being a snail, to see what it was like. He sheepishly checked about to see that nobody had spotted him breaking his secret vow to himself and then he lay down on his front on the floor. He nodded to drag his chin along the carpet and he rolled his shoulders and rotated his hands and feet in order to creep forward sort of. This worked okay and he even got someway down the stairs without having to alter the technique too much before his mum spotted him and had a go at him. What do you think you are doing. Stop messing about. Especially on the stairs. The boy crawled like a person to the foot of the stairs and stood up and made breakfast but he was still a snail in his heart and would really start his day as a snail from after he had left the house.

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