early 80s post disco music research results

Recently I fell into a hole made of early 80s dance and electronic music and had to listen my way out of it over several days. This is a period vaguely known as “post disco” which spans the period from the fall of disco in 1979 to the solidification of house and techno in the mid-late 80s, or so wikipedia tells me. I found this out only because the early 80s seemed to be where all of the playlists I was listening to were getting their music from. I guess at that time the hardware was becoming more available and so the little people could afford it, leading to a creative explosion. I believe there is also a specific genre called post disco but I don’t know what it is. I stapled an MP3 mix together of some stuff that I thought was cool. It contains disco, italo-disco, minimal wave and other electronic type things. It contains no electro or Hi-NRG as they are terrible.

Early 80s “post disco” mix by Themoonunderground on Mixcloud


Guyer’s Connection – Pogo of Techno (1983)

B.W.H – Livin Up (1983)

The League Unlimited Orchestra – Love Action (1982)

Jean Michel Jarre – Zoolookologie (1984)

Bill Nelson – When Your Dream of Perfect Beauty Comes True (1982)

Logic System – Clash (Chinjyu of Sun) (1981)

Scotch – Take Me Up (1984)

Patrick Cowley – Sea Hunt (1981)

Brain – D.I.X.O (1982)

Pink Project – Der Da Da Da (1982)

Mr Flagio – Take a Chance (Razormaid Mix) (1983)

Expansives – Life With You (Instrumental) (1982)

Haruomi Hosono – Sports Men (1982)

Manuel Gottsching – Moderate Start (1984)

I had to get out of the hole when I realised I could tell when something had been produced by Patrick Cowley. However, there is still a gigantic mountain of stuff that I’ll probably have to return to at some point.

honourable tracks

Here are some honourable mentions of things that I couldn’t include in the mix either because I was not technically able to, or they didn’t fit, or because they were not created in the right year:

^ This is a brilliant thing. But It is from 1985. That didn’t stop me from trying to put it in though but I couldn’t do it because I suck at music.

^ I’d stuck a little bit from the middle of this in the mix but when I came to writing the dates on the tracklist above I found out that it was made in 2009 so I had to swap it out for D.I.X.O. Sounds right though right? Good tricking.

^ I like this very much. And it would’ve been good to get another minimal wave track in. I was going to put it at the end but Manuel Gottsching just sounds way more better.

^ This is a great example of all of the horrible trash that I listened to. I had no intention of including it but I can’t forget it.

^This is a great example of all the amazing trash that I listened to. You will love this.

whole albums of goodness

I found a some albums that were brilliant the whole way through, some of which I included tracks from in the mix. Here are a few:

^ These seem to be a little favourite for the hip-hop sampling.

^ The Yellow Magic Orchestra producer doing exactly what you hope he would.

^ This is my favourite of the minimal wave stuff I listened to, though the Guyer’s Connection album is brilliant too.


If you’d like to fall in the hole too here are good resources that I found:

YouTube user Klepperderep has broken this era wide open. If you like weird disco stuff, he is the only person you should be hanging out with.

For more minimal/synth wave type stuff there is a long playlist here.

20 best minimal wave records.

List of old Japanese electronic and synth music. This is a fun list to trawl through. I was particularly delighted by Yasuaki Shimizu’s music for commercials:

Finally, I enjoyed this ugly looking article about Razormaid, the disco editing man. Their website is beautifully 90s also.

parallel lines is now a comic book

My latest comic has become a nice books. Look:


It also has a trailer, have you seen that yet?

Look at these nice photos:




I balanced the camera on the box of books and then used the timer in order to take the last two. That was smart of me. It was hard because the camera doesn’t focus again once the timer has run down so I had to focus the camera and then press the button and then pick up the book and hold it at exactly the right distance away so that it would be in focus when the camera took the photo.

You can read the whole book here on my website already for free. Look. Whatever. Some people like spending money anyway. Like me, I just paid to have loads of the same thing made that I already have the original version of. I drew it.

I’m only being silly. It’s nice. Buy it here.

cambridge open studios 2015

CoS flyer little

Cat and I are doing the open studios again this year. Pretty much the same as last year so my little preview almost totally applies:


But also I will have space books, postcard sets and littler pen drawings for very reasonable prices. Too reasonable? Probably!


Plus you can see and buy Cat’s proper artwork which is better than mine (and weightier)

HF-IV-copy_1250 _DSC8522-copy-2-Animals_1250 Road-Ahead_1250

Come and say hello and stuff, it’ll be great.

return to cornwall

Several years ago I went on a several hour holiday to Cornwall and documented it here. This was nowhere near long enough to appreciate everything that the county has to offer so yesterday I went back for several hours to finish what I’d started.


On the way down I made a list of everything people do on a perfect holiday.


field field2 infield

seaside goseaside

activity1 activity2 activity3 beachthings

I really wanted to go to another fogou. Specifically I wanted to go to Halliggye Fogou because it’s the best one and would’ve provided the longest video of trying to walk through a tiny tunnel in the dark. But it is hidden inside the¬†Trelowarren Estate and, as I was using a map that marked the fogou but not the estate, I ended up driving right into it the back way and I got lost in there. It was all I could do to get out, I wasn’t willing to go back in. Fortunately there had been a hardened field defence at the beach with a dank interior of fogou proportions.

box historicinterest

Also, whilst driving around I saw some of Poldark’s old houses.


I didn’t stop at them but there wouldn’t've been anything else to see there so I just as good as visited them. It doesn’t matter anyway because they are locally unique and I saw them so I can count them as that too. I just tick it. It’s not a problem.


naturereserve reservedish

nature experienced

- Cuckoo

- Dog eggs


I’d intended to draw scenery at the beach but I was playing so hard that I forgot. However, at dinner later on I did design an obscene fountain.


Fountain designing is a hobby.


thelizard point unique

Very much the Lands End of the south.


That’s two ticks for that one. I’m having such a good holiday.

pub dine dinepasty

culture1 culture2


I talked to the barman because the pub didn’t do food so I needed to know where the chip shop was. I also talked to Ross. Ross is Scottish but a Scottish person is a type of native too.




It was the best of holiday, it was the best of holiday.

Oh no! I forgot to add about getting a souvenir to the list!