a note for now

Since I started the newsletter I’ve stopped updating this blog. So far the newsletter has been a much better way of reaching people. I had intended to update the blog with sections from the newsletter but I’ve not really felt the need.

I’m going to redesign this website at some point but I’ll not get round to it for some months, so until then the best way to stay up to date with what I’m up to is (if you haven’t guessed already) sign up to my newsletter – the Sublunary Deliverer – here:


nearly a milestone

Last week while writing about cells for my book – the moon underground guide to human cells and how they work – I jotted down roughly what sections the next part would contain and realised that I’d finally outlined the whole thing. Here is the contents page:

Currently I am on section 7.8 – Making More Mitochondria. Much of the book has been written several times so far, so it’s not remotely close to being done, but some sort of progress is being made.

Part 1: Atoms and Energy is the part that’s been rewritten the most – because it is the first part and because it is the hardest area to understand and describe. When I was rewriting about bonds recently, and puzzling over molecular vibration, I found this excellent educational video from the 1960s:

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the newsletter is under way

I sent out the first edition of my approximately monthly newsletter, the Sublunary Deliverer, before Xmas. You can read it here.

And I’m just about to start putting the next one together. They are like three of my blog posts in one! so I recommend signing up for it. Especially as it will be by far the most reliable way of keeping up with my productions and being entertained by my writings. New blog posts on here will appear about as frequently as they always have done.

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