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Just found the text for my silent comic Parallel Lines, I thought it might be of interest to see what it looked like in words before I started drawing it. You can see the comic in full here.

*The text will not exactly match the comic. Things change as you draw 🙂


– telegraph lines

– telegraph pole on a rock island in a quarry

– telegraph lines take us past the diggers

– human type creatures that are shaped for digging scrape and the ground, putting rock into pouches like bees collecting pollen. They all have individually shaped noses.

– one telegraph line connects to a tiny portacabin office with a gigantic siren on the roof (see diggers in background)

– one of them carries rock over to a chute in the side of the portacabin and pours rock in (see boss creature at the window)

– the boss inspects a gauge. It reaches a green line, indicating that enough rock has been collected

– boss looks at sand timer that is 3 quarters empty

– the boss sounds the siren (see wail come out of the siren) and the gauge returns to the bottom

– diggers look up as siren wails overhead (imagine dinosaurs raising heads from grazing)

– diggers leave the quarry onto a country road with a canteen and a massive empty seating area

– they sit down on the floor in a big flock next to the benches

– as they sit there a bunch of happy holiday looking creatures walk up the road, get food (excitedly shouting lots of spoon symbols) and sit down laughing and eating happily.

–  one of the diggers look at them and then down the road, there is something colourful at the end

– it gets up

– one of the other diggers grabs its arm as if to say don’t do it

– digger pulls it’s arm away and walks down the road

– the two other diggers look at each other and then follow

– they end up at a seaside

– they look at it amazed/delighted

– the first digger crosses the gateway and begins to walk in

– the gate at the seaside closes trapping it inside

– it grabs the bars

– a hissing sound is heard and the seaside rises on rails and moves along

– trapped digger disappears into the undergrowth at the side of the lane looking scared

– a fun fair takes the place of the seaside and settles down

– gates open

– the siren sounds and the two remaining diggers turn and head back to the quarry

– the creatures that have fun run past them excitedly on the way to the funfair

– the boss is standing by the gate counting the diggers back

– the two are the last to enter and the boss asks them where the other one is angrily (by saying a picture of the nose of the one that is missing)

– they say they don’t know (shrug and speaking a question mark)

– boss looks worried

– he goes into the cabin and crosses a digger off of a chart on the wall. Puts a question mark next to it.

– the chart shows a vertical column of diggers. Next to the crossed out diggers are skull and crossbones or question marks.

– boss looks more worried

– he turns the sand timer over to start again

– montage sand moving down, the diggers digging, the gauge and the boss looking worried

– boss looks at gauge, it has not reached the the green line

– the sand has nearly run out

– digger pours rock in the chute

– gauge reaches green line

– boss bashes the button and alarm sounds

– diggers leave quarry

– boss looks relieved

– two of the diggers look at each other and walk down the lane

– the creatures who have fun come up the lane past them laughing

– the diggers look at the funfair and the gates close

– one of them grabs hold of the bars as the fair hisses and rises

– the other digger looks surprised and steps back

– the digger moves along holding on to the fair gates and disappears through the undergrowth at the side of the lane as the remaining digger looks on

– a water park replaces the funfair and settles down

– the siren sounds

– the creatures from the seating area rush down and into the water park. The remaining digger stands there looking on as they run past

– then it turns and heads back to the quarry

– when it gets back to the quarry the boss gets mad and asks where the last one is (refers to individuals by saying a picture of their nose. All the noses are individual)

– digger says it doesn’t know (shrug and question mark)

– boss looks very worried and crosses off the digger and puts a question mark.

– he puts a hand on the sand timer. Waits a second. Then turns it.

– boss is staring at it desperately as it goes down

– looks at gauge

– it is below the green line

– the sand runs out

– boss looks scared. Gets a little hammer. Goes over to a big red button in a glass case. Smashes the case. Presses the button.

– a buzzing noise comes from a speaker on the console with the big red button on it.

– takes his hard hat off and hides his face behind it scared

– buzzing gets louder and he runs out. Dropping the hat.

– all of the diggers are standing still and staring at him. They turn to stone.

– looks scared of them and he backs out of the quarry

– the gates close

– there is a hissing noise and the quarry rises on rails

– it moves along as the boss is staring

– it stops between the quarry and the factory and a hatch opens and a small grey figure that is dressed like a festival exits

– the boss stares at it as it walks right past him, ignoring him

– a factory takes its place and the gates open

– inside there are things that look similar to diggers but they are wearing boiler suits and are made of metal

– boss looks star struck at the factory and he enters

– he finds a portacabin near the entrance and goes inside. He finds a hard hat on the wall and puts it on. he sees a big button and presses it

– an alarm sounds and the factory workers turn into real fleshy beings and start work

– boss looks delighted

– the grey figure enters the canteen

– the canteen worker looks confused at it

– the grey figure opens a door in the back of the canteen and exits into a wood

– it walks through woods

– scrambles through undergrowth that messes up the costume

– it emerges dirty near a railway line where the digger that grabbed the bars is shoving branches into the gate to the seaside, trying to pry it open and get the other digger out that is still trapped

– the grey figure slaps the digger around the head and points angrily to the sticks

– digger looks sheepish

– grey figure pulls sticks out and gets a skeleton key out of its pocket. Unlocks the gate.

– digger emerges and the two diggers stand there looking at the grey thing as it stands there with its hands on its hips.

– grey figure opens a hatch next to the water park like the one he emerged from and goes inside motioning for the others to follow him

– hatch shuts behind them

– they go down a spiral ramp underground into a chamber full of festival clothing

–  figure takes off the festival clothing and hangs it up

– they walk past machinery and workings and parts, rags, oil, shelves along dank corridors lined with alcoves and offices all filled with parts and machines and paperwork until they get to the figure’s office.

– it switches on a tiny television and the two diggers sit and watch it

– it hangs the key back up on a massive rack of keys

– the figure sits and looks at the diggers and scratches its head

– it leaves the room

– the digger that was trapped at the seaside glances towards the keys

– grey figure comes back with more grey figures and they look at the diggers

– then a bigger grey figure that’s basically just a head with limbs comes and pushes other grey figures out of the way so it can see

– it looks angry and goes and slaps the diggers round the back of the head

– it tells the diggers to follow

– walks along and opens a massive vault door

– they walk through onto a gangway suspended in a void

– by the side of the gangway are industrial elevators. Every 3rd one is next to a chute

– across the gangway running at right angles to it are wagons that the chutes empty into so that every chute has an associated train line

– the big head stops at an elevator (the one on from an elevator that has a chute and railway) and points in

– the diggers get in and it goes up

– the elevator comes up next to the portacabin in the quarry

– the diggers emerge

– they see the diggers that have turned to stone and go over

– the two look at each other

– one of them points to his hammer hand and asks whether he should smash one open

– the other shakes its head vigorously and then thinks

– it goes over to the portacabin and presses the button

– the diggers turn back into fleshy beings

– the digger that was at the seaside looks at the gate and goes and starts digging

– it takes a load of diggings and dumps it in front of the gate

– the others watch and then start doing the same

– the diggings build up to the top of the gate and up the other side

– they all walk out of the quarry

– the leader leads them through the woods to the line of fun things

– walk along and finds the seaside

– leader pulls out the key that it has stolen from the grey figure’s office

– opens gate and they all enter

– puts the key down and smashes it with its hammer hand until it is totally mangled

– postcards of diggers having holiday time


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