making frog lantern

I made a lantern for Sheffield’s Sharrow Lantern Carnival. It was a week or so ago and it was pretty great. I did a few shifts helping out with the workshops, which were quite quiet when I was there so I had the time to put my own together. Twas jungle themed so I done a frog. I thought it would be a pretty modest first lantern. Other people didn’t seem to think so.

To make one you bend and tape wet willow together to make a frame
frog1which dries and sets into place, and then you put fairy lights in it, and make sure there’s a big stick sticking out of it so you can carry it.

frog2and coat the frame with pva glue-covered strong white tissue paper

frog3 frog4and then coloured tissue paper

frog5 frog6 frog7 frog8and then you parade it around.

frog9 frog10 frog11 frog12 frog13 frog14So it’s not too hard. Easy enough for anybody yet versatile enough to do crazy things. Someone made an immaculately structured toucan with an articulated beak.


So I’m thinking articulation for next year. And I’m also glad I didn’t decide to do a toucan. I might’ve done because toucans are amazing. If the theme allows next year I might do one of my other favourite animals – sea turtle.

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