five old science fiction arcade computer games

Since my Pac-Man and Oregon Trail blog posts have proven how good I am at reviewing and playing computer games I thought I’d better keep it up. No one else seems to care about computer games. Here I’m going to look at five from the late 70s / early 80s because if I’m going to get through them all I’d better pick up the pace a bit. It’s more of a summing up of what they are about than an actual review but I’m sure there will be qualitative implications hiding in the words.

Note: Because these games are old they tend to look awful (even worse than old television) but that doesn’t mean that they are bad games, it just means that you don’t want to play them. Fortunately I am here to play them.

Missile Command (1980, Atari Inc.)


Missile Command is a horrifying interactive apocalypse experience. A continuous rain of fire falls from the sky above several cities of which you are the sole protector. The antagonist remains unseen, are they of this world? With limited resources you can do nothing but delay the inevitable obliteration of thousands of people.

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