rewriting the weather part 4

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I’ve finally finished rewriting the ladybird book of the weather to make it good rather than bad. As before, click on the pictures below to biggen them.

I’ll make a printed version for my club members later in the year. I don’t think I should print any to sell directly as it’s definitely infringing on their copyright. Not that anybody is going to care. Anyway, to definitely guarantee a copy for yourself you should join The Moon Underground Club.

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rewriting the weather

The Ladybird book called The Weather is very disappointing. It dedicates pages to things like weather house hygrometers and I am dead against weather house hygrometers. It’s a shame because I had high hopes for the book and really wanted to learn about the weather. I have another book about weather that is also terrible, wasting 80% of its filling on describing types of cloud. How weather is actually made takes up about two pages.

weather1So I’m rewriting The Weather to answer all of the questions that I have. Writing about weather is really hard, check out my search queries:


And that’s just the ones that contain “if”.

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