first eight double pages of moth

Here are the first 8 double pages of my next story, hopefully to be book. It is the first third as there are 14 more to go. As you can see it is set within a PC adventure game from the nineties. I thought it was a fun idea and was interested to see if it would work as a concept. Also I wanted to try to recreate the look and feel of those games, I always liked the backgrounds and how they evoke a much larger environment than what is actually in the game. In the story you get to move through the world without the game’s protagonist, seeing what the other characters get up to whilst they’re hanging around waiting.

It feels as though it’s going well so far. It would also work nicely as an animation but, as I absolutely don’t want to try to learn how to animate, it’ll have to do just as it is. It’ll look cool printed. If it gets printed. Click on the small pictures to see them properly.

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pixel art character drawing process

My current project, which is a story set within a computer game (see intro to it here), involves creating pixel characters. I’ve not made any pixel art before and it’s turning out to be a pretty fun way of drawing. I presumed that there would be technical, computer design type fundamentals to it but I was glad to discover that it is basically exactly the same as drawing with pencil and paper in that you start broadly and then refine until you’re happy. The only difference is that you’re working with a predetermined amount of squares. I expect I’d need to employ more graphic design tools if I was creating complex pieces but as I only need static individual objects it’s super basic. Here is process:

Firstly I’ve been sketching the character on graph paper, which has been helpful way to begin converting lines to squares. This isn’t a very good example, there are a couple of better ones at bottom of this post.

character sketch

Then I grab the area that the character needs to fit into from my backdrops, which are scanned paintings, and begin sketching as you would with a pencil.

pixel art 1

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intro to the next book

Work on my next picture book project is about to grind to a halt for a while, I cannot kid myself that it won’t, but I still plan to have the bulk of it done by the end of the year. As a little something of what it might be about, here is the first couple of pages turned into a teaser preview. *right click view image* will biggen it.


I’m going to complete the first third of it asap so I can try it on with some publishers before it gets shelved till July. It involves a lot of playing with pixels so I can do a couple more process type posts soon on what I have learned so far about that.


done a painting

I don’t really have much of an idea of how to paint and yet I have come up with a story idea that involves doing about 20 paintings. I have done the first one and it has turned out okay so I will now continue and begin the next. In a very long time something may be achieved. Below are some photos that I took during the painting. I won’t call this post a “process” post (because the way I did it isn’t a way that I would want to promote e.g. probably not a good idea to start centre foreground) but I’m hopeful that in a few more painting’s time I will be in a position to do a process post.

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