beast movie review #1 – the beast from 20,000 fathoms

The other day I watched the Godzilla film from the other year. It was pretty terrible but it reminded me that I’ve never seen the original Godzilla. I’m going to watch it but first I thought I’d better check out a non-King Kong pre-Godzilla monster movie so I could compare.

The movie I chose was The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms from 1953 – the year before Godzilla – because it was the first monster movie with nuclear bombs in it and the first movie Ray Harryhausen provided all the animation for.

the beast

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film review: witness (1985)

Cecy and I have just now relocated to Sheffield and have successfully transitioned from fen-edge to fell-edge people. We live on top of a hill now.

Before moving we put some films on the hard drive because we wouldn’t have the internet for some days. Yesterday we watched the old western High Noon, which was jolly good. Before that, over a period of three days, we watched the 1985 film Witness.


Plot Summary

Witness is a romantic crime thriller starring Harrison Ford. His name in the film is John Book. During the film I had assumed that it was something like Buch but the end credits said it is Book. As in a book.


Harrison Ford plays a detective policeman but the story does not begin with him. It begins with some people on a farm who are living in the olden days who are actually Amish people living right now (1985).

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uk singles chart top ten rundown #2

It’s been six months since the last one. The charts have been flushed. It’s time to check out what’s hot in the world of popular music. I’ve not got a lot of time so let’s just get it done, I’m hoping to not spend more than an hour on this.

10. 7 Years – Lukas Graham


Piano twinkles. Bad singing, being whiny. This song is an autobio. Lukas is treating us to his life story even though he looks about twelve years old. In the song he is now “once I was twenty years old”. How old can he possibly be? It’s only a minute and a half into the song. He must be forty five years old. Maybe he’s speculating. There’s no content here by the way, it’s drivel. He’s still twenty years old. Now he is speculating about when he’s thirty years old. When he’s thirty years old he won’t have time for this, he’s only got an hour. Next track please.

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track analysis: what does katy b say?

This is a requested review post.


Rob later clarified that he actually specifically wanted to know what Katy was going on about in the song that she did with Tinie Tempah. That song is called Turn the Music Louder (Rumble). Rumble is a track by KDA. This specific version of the track features Katy B and Tinie Tempah doing words. KDA is the Kansas Department of Agriculture. It is the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. It is the Kansas Dental Association. It is the Kentucky Dental Association. It is the Kentucky Dressage Association. I’m not sure which one made Rumble but one of them surely did.

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advent update

Time for an advent update otherwise it’ll be Christmas already. I’m in a bit of a foul mood today and to be honest it’s not unlikely that my advent calendar is the culprit. If you missed the first part of this advent stuff it is here.

Twenty days in and Cecy’s calendar is looking much the same

1and mine looks like trash.

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