social networking = social schmetworking


I done a twitter account and that and I done a society 6 account and then it’s like what’s the point. I just have to try to fill up more websites now. Although twitter is better than I thought it would be because of all the linkys. Linky poos linky poos. Oh, singing richard swan top google return does a twitter, I’m well onto him now.


top 5 richard swans

As you do, I searched for myself. Not especially expecting to find myself – I didn’t find myself – but just to check out people called me. There are a few notable (if your name is Richard Swan) examples and a few elusive ones, including a Richard Swan comedian that I was disappointed to lose track of before I found any media. Apparently he produces “dulcet tones and odd recurring noises.”

Number 5

Possibly the most intellectually accomplished Richard Swan. He’s managed to think up a complimentary varient of a theorem all by himself, although what it’s going on about is something you don’t want to understand.

Number 4

Most qualified Richard Swan. Check out all those letters and junk under his name. That means he gets PAID. Check out his face. It’s a bit confrontational. (update from 2014 – this person no longer works for Grontmij)

Number 3

Dead Richard Swan. Sounds like he had a satisfying life though. I like his friendly, slightly reptilian face.

Number 2

Singing Richard Swan and top google return. This Richard Swan takes up the most internet and is awesome. He’s particularly happy about his bni song (the bni is the world’s largest business networking organisation).

Number 1

Look at this joker. This is the most unsettling Richard Swan that I could have found. He’s also the fastest growing Richard Swan on the internet. I am slightly disgusted by his attempts to leach off my future fame, like some kind of chronologically-ignorant parasite, but I still put him first because I like his face the most. (Update from 2014 – this person had disappeared from the internet)

What is the moon underground?