round things of the solar system 2015 calendar

Do you have a colour printer, cd case and a desk? If so you may want to download my print-it-yourself desktop calendar for next year 2015. Based on my very similar blog posts and book.


Display for yourself 12 round things of the solar system with relevant written fact areas, as well as the expected calendar date-day areas.


For home or office. It works at both. Maybe print it really nicely and then use it to enhance a Christmas present, gifting it to friends or family. It works at both.

Download it here:

It’ll take a few minutes as it’s a print ready CMYK PDF…around 70 megabytes. n.b. the space backgrounds will print totally black, even though they look grey in the images.


round things of the solar system part five

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

nearly there

Now we’re beyond the planetary solar system and into something else entirely, what is known as trans-Neptunian space, that is anything that is further away than Neptune on average. The main thing of this part of the solar system is the Kuiper Belt, which is a bunch of junk created during the formation of the solar system that Neptune has apparently swept into a neat big doughnut. Some of the objects from the Kuiper Belt and beyond have crazy orbits so listing the miles things are after another thing is even stupider than it was for the planets.

843 million miles after Triton is:

orcusOrcus can be called the anti-Pluto. This is because its orbit is like Pluto’s in a mirror and it also has a cosy moon like Pluto does. Orcus is icy and the ice is in crystals which are probably from past ice volcanoes. Currently it is hard to know very much about the objects in this part of the solar system because they are so far away and no vehicle has yet had a look at them up close (the hubble pictures of these things are just bunches of pixels) and so it is also hard to know whether these things are round enough to even be looking at at all. Orcus probably is though, it’s nice.

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