the moon underground club


If you’d like to support the work of Richard Swan and the rest of the moon underground team (the post office, web host, the printers etc.) during 2017, the best thing you could do is join


What could one expect as a member of the moon underground club?

Good question.

As a member of my club you will get:

1. The Official Moon Underground “Welcome to the Club” Club Membership Megapack



  • A hand-written note that just says “thank you”
  • An official Moon Underground Club members badge!
  • A McVitie’s Gold Bar

2. A copy of everything I print during 2017

In time for Xmas 2017 I will post you a bundle containing a copy of everything I’ve printed throughout the year. I’ll sign it all too I suppose.

The printing plan for 2017 is to –

  • Finish writing The Guide to Human Cells and How They Work (my current project) and get it printed.
  • Revise and reprint The Guide to the Round Things of the Solar System (with new paintings of Pluto and Charon, updated text, and better production).
  • Print some writings from my website in zine/newspaper formats.
  • Start making screen prints to sell as art. I will be sure to produce some little screen printed bits for club members.

(If you have no idea of what I make, have a click around my shop, portfolio, or homepage.)

As well as all of ^ that, you get to miss out on the other nonsense that would come from joining something online:


I promise that as a member of The Moon Underground Club, you will not receive:

1. Regular email updates

I promise to send you absolutely nothing via email.

2. “Perks”

  • Zero special offers
  • Zero special extras
  • Zero diary style newsletters

3. Engagement opportunities

I will not let you know when I am doing events or whatever. I blog post those on the website anyway.

There will most definitely not be any kind of club meet-ups. I cannot think of anything that would be worse than that.


That all sounds great but how much is all that going to cost me?? It’s not going to be cheap is it!

Being a member of The Moon Underground Club for 2017 costs £25*.


*or £35 if ur outside UK cos of postage.

All the club money will go into a pot to be used exclusively for 2017 project printing and postage.

My big target is to get


by the end of the year. If that happens I’ll probably do something special like publish a blog post that just says yay.


Now, because your club sounds excellent and is really cheap, I am totally convinced. How do I join?

There are two ways to join The Moon Underground Club:

  • Send an “I’d like to join the club” email to including your name and address and let me know if you’d rather send a cheque/cash in the post or pay via bank transfer. I’ll give you the details.
  • Hand me £25 when you see me. I will give you your Official Moon Underground “Welcome to the Club” Club Membership Megapack right there and then*.

*could happen!

It’s like a club from the 1970s or something

Not really because it involves email. It is at least the early nineties.

an artist's impression of an email

an artist’s impression of an email

So is this a thing now?

For now I’m just running it for 2017 as there’s a bunch of stuff to print. If it works out I might do it again in 2018. It depends on the print schedule. If it looks to becoming a regular thing I’ll start taking online payments and have annual and monthly payment options, unless people prefer this old school operation cos it’s fashionable.

I’d better stop talking and join hadn’t I

That’s right.

Remember, all you have to do is send your name and address to:

(and then money)

and let’s do club!