the moon underground club 2018

The Moon Underground Club has returned for 2018.

Click here to pick up your membership from my shop right now. Or read on for some waffle:

As you can see I am returning to round things. This is because in 2019 I’m going to be working on a second edition of the Guide to the Round Things of the Solar System with updated text, new paintings, and new round things.

This year I will make some new paintings and use them to produce something lovely. Could be a full set of round things postcards. Could be a big print. Could be a set of mini planets you can hang around your house. I don’t know. So many options.

I’m also making a bunch of mini guides this year on a range of topics. There are lots of things that would be fun to write a guide about but aren’t substantial enough for a book so would be perfect in zine format.

The cell guide is still a way off but it is going well. I can start posting concept art from it soon. Here is a picture of the current contents page of completed chapters:

I’ve included the final guide as an additional pre-order option for new club members. All pre-order money goes into boosting the printing pot. New members also receive the iconic official moon underground welcome to the club club membership megapack.

Joining the club is easier this year; merely buy it from my shop by clicking on the picture below:

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