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Hey, remember The Moon Underground Club? I’ve been ignoring it for a while. Distracting myself with less important things. But I think now I have a decent idea as to what’s going on with it so I can give members and non-members alike a list of what’s now almost certain to be in the pack at the end of the year(s).


Firstly, not all rewards will be delivered this year. You might think this is controversial, but it isn’t, it’s actually great because it means members get multiple deliveries to look forward to. What members can look forward to this year:

~ 2 exclusive A4 screen prints specially designed and printed for club members (as yet undesigned)
print 1

print 2

~ A single player version of a tile game that I’ve been working on.
I’ve just submitted it in a contest online here so by the time members receive it it might even be an award winning game. Edit – I’m pretty sure this’ll end up being a one/two player game.

~ The manuscript of the first part of The Moon Underground Guide to Human Cells and How They Work, with a URL to the full manuscript.
I resigned myself to the fact that there’s no way I’m going to finish my cells guide this year. So the aim now is to finish the manuscript so I can get it proof read and edited by science people and normal people, and then finalised so I can work on the artwork and publishing nonsense next year. The good news is it’s going well and I’m excited about it.

~ A 38 page mystery printed guide.


cell book

So that’s what members can start getting excited about.

I’d still like to update and reprint Guide to the Round Things of the Solar System too in a style and format to match the cell guide. Then they can look nice together on a shelf. What I’ll probably do is offer an upgrade to club members so they can pay a bit more to have the new solar system guide along with the cell book. I guess most members will already own Round Things so they may not want another despite it having updated text and pictures.

I might do a kickstarter next year to print both guides and maybe another version of flat land…I quite want to make a small hard cover version of it. We’ll see tho.

In the meantime, if you’d like to join The Moon Underground Club send an email to titled “I’d like to join the club”.


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