computer game review #1 – pac-man computer game

Computer games are always popular and are popular to review. I’m enthusiastic both about computer games and the possibility of reviewing a computer game. Today’s computer game is called Pac-Man.

Here is a link to play the computer game Pac-Man.

Pac-Man is a game about eating everything over and over again. This isn’t really a popular subject for a computer game these days because eating is seen as the leading cause of obesity and of other related diseases. Doctors agree that there are diseases that are linked to both food and fatness. Pac-Man has all of these diseases. In fact, the word “Pac” probably comes from a root word that means “yourdiseasesasapiechart.blogspot”.

The word “Man” means man, of which Pac-Man isn’t.

Pac-Man lives inside a ghost maze full of food. The ghosts want to kill Pac-Man but ghosts do not eat food. It is hard to know where the conflict lies, which is the mystery that keeps players coming back for more Pac-Man. Here are a few of the speculative reasons about why the ghosts might want to kill Pac-Man:

1 – The ghosts do not like the repetitive sound that Pac-Man makes.

2 – Pac-Man has an awful personality.

3 – Pac-Man emits a smell that is offensive to ghosts.

4 – The touching and killing of Pac-Man is actually totally by accident.

5 – Pac-Man Pac-Man.

I suspect that all of this is massive nonsense anyway because I reckon Pac-Man is already dead. I think Pac-Man inhabits one of the courts of the chinese hell called Diyu. Diyu is an underground maze with many courts of torture.

Pac-Man is born in hell and gets chased to death or eats to death and then he is reborn in hell. The length of punishment depends on how bad Pac-Man was during his earthly existence. Pac-Man was at least 255 naughty. The 256th repetition of the hell court is broken, which is sad for Pac-Man because he doesn’t get to get reincarnated on earth after fulfilling his punishment but at least if you’re really good at the Pac-Man computer game you get to stop sometime and go to bed.

The existence of a couple of things in Pac-Man’s court are interesting and I will speculate on those:

1 – Fruit

The fruit is ironic because hell is typically ironic. Pac-Man doesn’t like fruit. The little dots look super bland and so Pac-Man yearns for taste and so he impelled to go for the fruit even though he really hates fruit. Pac-Man hates fruit so much that it makes him feel sick, but at least that is a feeling other than the terror that he feels the rest of the time.

2 – Big dots

Big dots let Pac-Man eat the ghosts in an ironic reversal of roles. This is because Pac-Man’s hell is also the ghost’s hell. The ghosts were probably something like a criminal gang and so they all did the same bad things in life and so they all get the same hell and it is a complementary hell to Pac-Man’s. Pac-Man can eat them sometimes because the ghosts also need to be punished in hell. Ironically, if the ghosts were to be worse at killing Pac-Man and let him kill them more often then they would be sooner reincarnated on earth but I guess they don’t know that.

3 – Pac-Man is yellow

Not really a big deal but I suppose Pac-Man is jaundiced from ruining his liver due to food. It probably effects his performance.


Now I will talk more about the design and functional elements of the game.


The Pac-Man computer game has eight colours: yellow, red, orange, pink, blue, different blue, purple and green. So that’s every colour. It is impossible for a computer game to be more colourful and so from a design point of view that makes this computer game one of the best computer games. Asteroids has zero colours because black and white are unconfirmed as colours. Pac-Man is better than Asteroids or even Missile Command.

The Pac-Man computer game has a looking straight down but also from the side perspective. This is very modern. Bomberman is similar and you might think of Bomberman but that is just from one angle looking down diagonally at the bombermen. Bomberman is junk. Pac-Man looks from two angles.


In the game you need to press four buttons and these are flightless arrow up, flightless arrow down, flightless arrow left and flightless arrow right. They do more than make Pac-Man move to the north, south, east and west because remember that whilst he is moving through one dimension he is also moving through another (or is he?!). For example, if Pac-Man was travelling from east to west and I was to action the up flightless arrow, Pac-Man, at the next available opportunity, would alter his course to comply and would suddenly be travelling both to the north and vertically upwards. This would be shocking enough by itself but then think back to the moment a short time ago when he was travelling from east to west, for then he was also travelling from left to right. Left to right and east to west are in fact along the same plane and so are effectively the same. This means that Pac-Man can either travel through two or three dimensions as and when he pleases. There is no other thing that eats that can do the same.

To Conclude

Here are my conclusion topics:

1 – Narrative

The story is in the “downbeat supernatural” genre that is very popular these days in literature, movies and computer games. It is a very modern story.

2 – Playability

It keeps going until it’s broken!

3 – Design

Every single colour is used in the game.

4 – Functionality

Very modern and also scientific like quantum mechanics (you don’t have to know anything about quantum mechanics to play the game but you might learn something about them!).

That is the end of the first computer game review. I don’t know if I’ll do another.

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