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Let’s go on an Internet Adventure in real time, like playing Animal Crossing. I’ve just decided this so I don’t know where we’re going. Big adventures start as small adventures usually so starting small is good. The smallest real life adventure you can go on is probably to the shops. The nearest real shops to me right now are in a transition period between being old shops and being new shops but let’s go to them on the internet anyways, there may be adventure to be had.

shopsThere’s no shopping to do here. I can no longer get my hair done at Hairtique, which is something that I never did. Maybe there is another Hairtique at which I can get my hair done.

hairtiqueThis Hairtique is called Heritage Coffee and Tea Company, I cannot get my hair done here.

adelinehairAdeline’s is next door. And it’s unisex. And it does european hair like mine. Here is a picture of Adeline looking fully business. It is an exciting time for Adeline’s as they’ve recently opened a sister salon in Lagos. It would be more exciting to have my hair done in Nigeria than stinky London. I’m going to find the one in Lagos.

adelineslagosLagos is watery. I thought it is where Abuja is, not by the seaside. Maybe after I get a haircut we should go to Tin Can Island or Snake Island. Haircut first though. Adeline’s is on Ogunlana Drive.

ogunlana driveI can’t find it. I’ve checked out Nice ‘N’ Lovely and Kaftan Gallery. They do clothes. Maybe I should’ve just gotten my hair done in London. I don’t know what Airtel is, probably not a salon.

AirtelBlimey, it sure makes some money huh. 53 billion rupees is 554 million pounds. They don’t do hair, but maybe they can help.

airtelworldUgh, they are in so many countries. I don’t know where to go to. Better get on their official social media.

airtel twitterThey seem nice.

twitairtelI’ll find somewhere to sit and wait for a reply, this could take a while.

cream slicesBetter check the review.

cream slices reviewThat’s very positive but also vague. Who is Olasubomi Aishida? What is their cake experience? There is an Olasubomi Aishida on Pinterest. This means I have to create a Pinterest account. Pinterest do not like you looking at Pinterest feeds without a Pinterest account. Because I have selected to join from landing on Olasubomi Aishida’s page Pinterest assumes that we have the same interests. Which we do.

pinterestI managed to build a spam engine for myself.

olasubomipinsHe’s not pinned much. Although 67% of what he has pinned appears to be cake related. I checked out Cream Slices on Tripadvisor. It is just ice cream mostly, not really cake, so I’m not sure about this. I am intrigued by that shower room though. It is by Bess Jones Interiors, they make interiors that are both totally crazy and totally dreary at the same time.

bess jonesresidence in wickenburgWhere the heck is Wickenburg?


bess jones 5Jeez. That’s a posh house with a view. This is just the outdoor entertainment area. This must be the Mayor John Cook’s house. We must go to Wickenburg and find the mayor’s house. That sounds like a good set up for part two though. Stay tuned for part two!

Here is another link for part two.

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