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Rob later clarified that he actually specifically wanted to know what Katy was going on about in the song that she did with Tinie Tempah. That song is called Turn the Music Louder (Rumble). Rumble is a track by KDA. This specific version of the track features Katy B and Tinie Tempah doing words. KDA is the Kansas Department of Agriculture. It is the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. It is the Kansas Dental Association. It is the Kentucky Dental Association. It is the Kentucky Dressage Association. I’m not sure which one made Rumble but one of them surely did.

A person called Dark Ali has created a lyrics video for the track, which is about to help us out immeasurably. Thank you, Dark Ali. Let’s see what this mess sounds like then.

Pretty great mess. I suppose the best thing to do is to carefully go through the words stanza by stanza. I expect Katy and Tinie (they did write it, I checked) chose a meaningful wool and pattern to cross-stitch onto the KDA’s jumper. To save writing the words out by hand I’m going to cut and paste them from the article that’s Leanne Bayley wrote about the song.

[Verse 1: Tinie Tempah]
Yeah, yeah, yo
So right, so fresh
Top five, no less

So right, I just flex
Gonna get me down on the head*
So, ya’wanna hear TT on the KDA with the Katy B**
And that’s it, oh yeah***
Ain’t no one left
Rumble, go hard, no rest, c’mon

* this line is incorrect of course. Dark Ali got it right with: Cuz she can’t get me out of her head.

** this line is incorrect. Dark Ali got it right with: She wanna hear TT on the KDA with the Katy B.

*** this line is incorrect. Dark Ali got it right with: And I said, oh yeah.

From now on I will fix Leanne’s lyrics in advance.

So, these words are about how Tinie Tempah is feeling good (so right, so fresh) about the song (top five, no less) being a hit song because creating the song feels easy and natural to him (so right, I just flex) and also there is a lady that really likes him (she can’t get me out of her head) and she really likes the song too (she wanna hear TT on the KDA with the Katy B). This lady must be someone that Tinie very much respects the opinion of as she is giving him such confidence about the song, perhaps she works in A&R at his record label, Parlophone. According to Tinie the lady should have no time for anybody else (and I said, oh yeah, ain’t no one left) which is a comment she might let slide for the time being, as he is a bit overexcited (Rumble, go hard, no rest, c’mon).

[Chorus: Katy B + Tinie Tempah]
You got me feeling for your power
Turn the music louder, let me feel it
Rumble, go hard, no rest, c’mon
You got me feeling for your power
Turn the music louder, let me feel it

The chorus is from Katy’s point of view. Tinie just says ‘rumble, go hard, no rest, c’mon’ again. It’s not clear who Katy is talking to but it is a person who has captured her attention (you got me feeling for your power) and has control of the music she is listening to (turn the music louder, let me feel it) and so it is probably safe to assume that she is appealing to the DJ and she is dancing at a nightclub. The music she wants to be turned louder is presumably Turn the Music Louder (Rumble) by The KDA ft. Tinie Tempah & Katy B, otherwise it is completely unrelated to what Tinie Tempah was saying in the first verse. Katy B is in a club. Tinie Tempah is in a conference suite at the offices of his record label, Parlophone. The song links the two scenarios.

[Verse 2: Tinie Tempah]
Yeah, t turn like a twister
Spin down, might put it on your sister
Got swag like a hipster
Give me girls with the lips ya
What a face, what a mixture
Bare likes when I’m lookin’ at your Insta
What, last night was a picture
In the pool getting busy with a mixer

I’ve highlighted a contested line in this verse. A suggested alternative is even girls wanna lips ya, which is what Dark Ali went with, but I have decided that it doesn’t make any sense. Dark Ali appears to have copied his version of the lyrics from, the author is unidentified. The only word that is definitely in the line is girls.

Verse 2 then.

It would now appear that Tinie is also dancing at a club (Yeah, t turn like a twister). The T-Turn will be one of his signature dance moves and he is using it to try to attract females (the line with girls in it). He is proffering a moderate amount of braggadocio and is being provocative, albeit towards people who are probably his friends (Spin down, might put it on your sister). He is gussied up; ornamented with whatever silly gewgaws the kids are into these days (got swag like a hipster). After this point events are recounted in a way that is broadly linear but more like a montage. He spots a lady that he finds very agreeable (what a face, what a mixture) and then we jump to him browsing photographs that she has uploaded to an image sharing application on her phone, which he thinks are very good (bare likes when I’m lookin’ at your Insta). Then ‘what, last night was a picture’ implies that the phone-looking he is doing is actually happening the following day and the photos he is actually looking at are actually photos from the previous evening at the club, which further implies that he has managed to successfully court the lady. Finally, the photo of the previous evening that he is studying depicts what is probably Tinie Tempah and the lady enjoying long drinks in a pool, which is probably more like a Jacuzzi bath than a swimming pool considering that it is at some sort of nightclub (In the pool getting busy with a mixer). The whereabouts of Katy B is unclear, I suspect she is at a different club.

[Verse 1]

This time it sounds like the verse 1 lyrics are also describing the evening in the Jacuzzi nightclub with the other lady. This is a clever switching of meaning and I would insist that both interpretations are correct.


Katy B remains distant.

[Verse 3: Katy B]
Keep on coming back for more
Got me knocking down your door
You know how to take me higher

I guess she is still addressing the DJ…or is she??


[Bridge: Katy B]
You got me feeling like, e-oh-e-oh
Something just ain’t right, e-oh-e-oh
Why did I let you in, e-oh-e-oh
And let the this all begin, e-oh-e-oh
I wish I could forget, e-oh-e-oh
The day that we first met, e-oh-e-oh
And now it’s blowing up, e-oh-e-oh
Still I can’t get enough
Oh oh yeah baby
Do you know?
Do you know what you’re doing, what you’re doing?
Oh baby, let me go

Aah, so she is struggling with a problematic romantic relationship. She is dancing to loud music as a coping mechanism, hence wanting it to be louder. That explains why she is so distant and doesn’t want to hang out with Tinie Tempah, who is too self-obsessed to notice her emotional stress. I wonder if the DJ is Katy’s partner. That would explain her going to a club by herself. If that’s the case then she’s not doing herself any favours.



The outro is more of the same from Katy.

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