i’m starting a newsletter – the moon underground sublunary deliverer

Hey, I’m starting up a newsletter called the sublunary deliverer. It’s going to be a kind of moon underground digest, like the Reader’s Digest, remember that? I chose the name because it sounds pretentious while being meaningless, much like the moon underground itself. I just learned about the word “sublunary” as I was thesaurus-fishing for potential names. It means “of the earth” and “underwhelming”, so it’s perfect really. I chose the word “deliverer” in order to balance sublunary in the header. I would have preferred to use “dispatch” but it’s too short.

It’s taken a while to decide to do a newsletter (I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of years I guess), as I like the idea of newsletters but generally I don’t sign up for them. Though there are one or two that I receive from things that I support that I actually read and enjoy. So they don’t have to be spammy marketing junk. They can be fun. And mine will be fun. It should also encourage me to make more regular stuff for the blog, which has been slightly more neglected than usual this year, what with screen printing and the club making me feel productive enough already.

It also took me a long time to decide because a newsletter is more creative work to do and I find creative work very difficult. Because it is difficult I suppose. But I’ll just have to stop being daunted by it and get on with it.

That being said, it’s gonna be good!

Sign up below and with any luck you shall receive the first one before xmas! I should make it an xmas special really right? let’s do that then.

parallel lines text

Just found the text for my silent comic Parallel Lines, I thought it might be of interest to see what it looked like in words before I started drawing it. You can see the comic in full here.

*The text will not exactly match the comic. Things change as you draw 🙂


– telegraph lines

– telegraph pole on a rock island in a quarry

– telegraph lines take us past the diggers

– human type creatures that are shaped for digging scrape and the ground, putting rock into pouches like bees collecting pollen. They all have individually shaped noses.

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beast movie review #1 – the beast from 20,000 fathoms

The other day I watched the Godzilla film from the other year. It was pretty terrible but it reminded me that I’ve never seen the original Godzilla. I’m going to watch it but first I thought I’d better check out a non-King Kong pre-Godzilla monster movie so I could compare.

The movie I chose was The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms from 1953 – the year before Godzilla – because it was the first monster movie with nuclear bombs in it and the first movie Ray Harryhausen provided all the animation for.

the beast

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