parallel lines text

Just found the text for my silent comic Parallel Lines, I thought it might be of interest to see what it looked like in words before I started drawing it. You can see the comic in full here.

*The text will not exactly match the comic. Things change as you draw 🙂


– telegraph lines

– telegraph pole on a rock island in a quarry

– telegraph lines take us past the diggers

– human type creatures that are shaped for digging scrape and the ground, putting rock into pouches like bees collecting pollen. They all have individually shaped noses.

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done a trailer for the next comic…

Matthew Robinson and Alastair Hotchkiss have kindly done some animation and music respectively to produce this great little trailer for the next book.

Book is awaiting some feedback and then it’ll need to get online but it should be around sometime soonish…

Until then though you can still read the first quarter here.