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Several years ago I went on a several hour holiday to Cornwall and documented it here. This was nowhere near long enough to appreciate everything that the county has to offer so yesterday I went back for several hours to finish what I’d started.


On the way down I made a list of everything people do on a perfect holiday.


field field2 infield

seaside goseaside

activity1 activity2 activity3 beachthings

I really wanted to go to another fogou. Specifically I wanted to go to Halliggye Fogou because it’s the best one and would’ve provided the longest video of trying to walk through a tiny tunnel in the dark. But it is hidden inside the Trelowarren Estate and, as I was using a map that marked the fogou but not the estate, I ended up driving right into it the back way and I got lost in there. It was all I could do to get out, I wasn’t willing to go back in. Fortunately there had been a hardened field defence at the beach with a dank interior of fogou proportions.

box historicinterest

Also, whilst driving around I saw some of Poldark’s old houses.


I didn’t stop at them but there wouldn’t’ve been anything else to see there so I just as good as visited them. It doesn’t matter anyway because they are locally unique and I saw them so I can count them as that too. I just tick it. It’s not a problem.


naturereserve reservedish

nature experienced

– Cuckoo

– Dog eggs


I’d intended to draw scenery at the beach but I was playing so hard that I forgot. However, at dinner later on I did design an obscene fountain.


Fountain designing is a hobby.


thelizard point unique

Very much the Lands End of the south.


That’s two ticks for that one. I’m having such a good holiday.

pub dine dinepasty

culture1 culture2


I talked to the barman because the pub didn’t do food so I needed to know where the chip shop was. I also talked to Ross. Ross is Scottish but a Scottish person is a type of native too.




It was the best of holiday, it was the best of holiday.

Oh no! I forgot to add about getting a souvenir to the list!



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